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"The more you dialogue with your web visitors, the more you sell."


Telamon Communications provides consulting and implementation design for the communications processes and tools required to compete in today's digital channels.  

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1. Marketers are looking for better tools to understand customer need. Find out how your own website can be one of your best tools for digging down into what your customers are thinking about. ...Learn more





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2. Web 2.0 makes the two-way conversation with your web visitors easier and more persuasive. See why it's time for savvy Technologists to rethink the web site "using the Box". ...Learn more

3. Do your web visitors really have that added opportunity to engage with you and convert? Web site Managers, learn about getting your site to team up with your web users and satisfy them faster. ...Learn more

4. Whether your data focus is one-on-one or collective intelligence, analytics are now helping to drive web visitor's decisions in real time. Web Analytics Specialists, find out how these systems are going way beyond web analytics 1.0. ...Learn more

Gartner Research — Enterprise search spending to grow 11% annually to $1.475B in 2012. (1)

Telamon Communications has chosen the Performance Marketing platform

Fortune 500 and leading brand companies use Omniture SiteSearch.

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1. Gartner Dataquest Insight: Technology and Vendor Consolidation Will Drive the Enterprise Search Market Through 2012, published in February 2008)

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